Exceptional haulage

Alliance BENNANI is able to offer exceptionally competitive rates for many destinations around the world on favorable terms with suitable solutions for every type of merchandise ranging from simple parcels to exceptional convoys.

In cooperation with its foreign partners, Alliance Bennani is able to handle the transport of heavy or oversized items, sometimes over long distances and in often-dif?cult conditions (road conditions, curves, pavements, inadequate bridges ….) which are made up of complex components to be disassembled, shipped and reassembled.

In order to meet all your requirements, Alliance BENNANI brings you a complete range of turnkey services including:

Alliance Bennani can also offer cargo management projects in engineering, construction, energy, mining, chemical, petrochemical, pipeline, other infrastructures…

These highly specialized shipments require an individual transportation schedule from origin to ?nal destination.

The current trend in the world for green energy and significant investments in clean energy technology, provides a rapid increase in business opportunities for project cargo specialists who have the capabilities needed to manage The supply chain of the oversized factory and equipment, namely wind turbines.

Because our partners are independent private companies, they can focus 100% on providing a personalized service that is customized. Instead, some multinational transport companies are constrained by rigid policies and procedures that often result in unwarranted quotations.